Church, Faith and Culture in the Medieval West
European History
Erika Gaffney
Brenda Bolton, Anne Duggan and Damian Smith
Geografische scope:
The whole of Latin Christendom, paying special attention to those regions [Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Southern Europe] which have hitherto been somewhat neglected.
Chronological scope:
Circa 500 to 1500 AD
Popes, cardinals, bishops, monks, canon law, church councils, religious life

The essential aim of this series is to present high quality, original, and international scholarship, covering all aspects of the Medieval Church and its relationship with the secular world in an accessible form. Previous publications have covered such topics as aspects of Medieval Papal History, including neglected twelfth- and thirteenth-century popes, Monastic and Religious Orders for men and women, Canon Law, Liturgy and Ceremonial, Art, Architecture and Material Culture, Ecclesiastical Administration and Government, as well as aspects of Clerical Life, Councils and so on. Our authors are encouraged to challenge existing orthodoxies on the basis of thorough examination of relevant sources. These books are intended to engage scholars worldwide.


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Detail of pilgrims travelling on the Via Francigena in a fourteenth-century fresco in the Grotto of S. Maria del Parto at Sutri.

Proposals welcome
The series welcomes scholarly monographs and edited volumes in English by both established and early-career researchers.

Proposals for monographs or edited volumes should kindly follow the standard AUP Proposal format and should also include the envisaged table of contents or overview of the volume and abstracts of the proposed chapters or articles. 

Further Information:

Having originated with Ashgate, since 2017, this series is published by Amsterdam University Press.  Contracted authors will be asked to follow a style sheet that is specific to this series. For questions or to submit a proposal, contact the Commissioning Editor, Erika Gaffney:

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